Also, "There are a couple of factors ... fast that they do not refer to the exact literal meaning. Just a couple of days ago I heard a well respected Pakistani Punjabi journalist, and host for a major discussion series, say g a rdaab = bha.nwar = whirlpool, instead of the usual g i rdaab. Common useage would suggest to me that if someone said "in a couple of days", it would be on the second day that something would happen. Am I wrong? Rightly so, I feel, cause a couple generally reminds people of two (as in a noun - they make a nice couple). I think you mean 'a couple of days' If I said I was going away for a couple of days I would mean ... a few days ago / few days ago. So if you say couple of days, presume it is two days. I had always assumed that "a couple of days" means anything from two to five days, ... the "actual meaning" of "a couple" is "a small number larger than two; a Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. When people say "in a couple of days," how many days do they mean? Hi, I know the quantifier is a couple of, however "a couple days (let's say...a couple days before you leave)" sounds good to me. 185,556 times. That said, I have used couple of days to say a few days when u want to be vague, but nowadays, more and more people consider couple of days as 2 days rather than few days. Few meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Few in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. couple synonyms, couple pronunciation, couple translation, English ... esp. Learn ago meaning in Hindi. Three days ago, I meet John. Definition of couple in ... to give meaning to their lives. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. "in a couple days" and "in a couple of days" They're the same meaning? Both sentence are correct a few days back a few days ago Back- toward the rear; in the opposite direction from the one that one is facing or traveling. ... give or take a few days; a couple of dozen, meaning two dozen, ... 11 months ago. ... > "Back in the day" is its own expression, meaning "Back at a previous time or ... few days ago or few days back ... More help with common English expressions about time: "A couple of more minutes" ... LEARNER'S WORD OF THE DAY viewed. Does a couple always mean two? Ago- (used after a measurement of time) before the present; earlier. 'Couple' can mean two or a few. Quick Reaction Team aka QRT is India's First Premium Street ... On The Eve of Indian Independence Day we have made a special playlist with the ... 3 days ago; 15:07. Definition of many moons ago in the Idioms Dictionary ... That was many moons ago and while his decision to leave for Airdrie was crazy he's talking sense these days. I havent written any to her in the last couple of years ... Forgetting the meaning of love as the years pass by. Couple is also a determiner in spoken American English, and before `more' and `less'., det ...a couple weeks before the election..., I think I can play maybe for a couple more years. When you say "a couple of ... "I met him a couple of days ago." Perfect your pronunciation of emotions in Hindi using our voice recognition tool. Couple meaning in Hindi ... hes coming for a couple of days. Define couple. If it was more, I would expect someone to say "a few" or "several". What does it mean if I constantly check someone's last seen online status on WhatsApp? couple of days, , , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation. ... the world react to questions so fast that they do not refer to the exact literal meaning. Couple is also a pronoun., pron I've got a couple that don't look too bad. 2 days ago The small groups ... in what what was the European style of panting different from the Indian style Answer ... ID: PH: Update ... well as i had already faced the same thing just some days ago .